George Foreman – A Former Ambassador for InventHelp and a Household Name

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The name George Foreman has become known in homes across the world over the years. Of course, some people associate this name with the world of boxing, as Foreman was, of course, a boxer. However, he has also become a household name for other reasons such as his innovative inventions and his association with the invention services provider, InventHelp.

Known affectionately as Big George, Foreman has certainly made his mark on the world in a variety of ways. He has had his fingers in all sorts of pies from his professional boxing career to his entrepreneurial achievements, popular inventions, and more. He has achieved some highly coveted titles and awards for his boxing career and other achievements over the years. The Ring named him one of the 25 greatest boxers of all time back in 2002 as well as the ninth-greatest puncher in history.

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