How To Get A Patent For Your Invention Idea


If you are an inventor you will want to get a patent on your invention so no one else can steal your idea. In order to do so, you must be certain that idea is able to be patented first, and that it hasn’t been patented by anyone else prior to now. Then you must file your application with the USPTO or United States Patent and Trademark Office.

First off, what exactly is a patent? InventHelp Idea It is a right granted by the government that make it so the inventor has all the rights to their idea for a certain timeframe, which is normally about 20 years.

There’s four main kinds of patents, which are:

Utility patent – meant for inventions that serve a precise function. It’s the most common sort of patent available.

Design patent – This type protects any non-working parts of an invention, i.e. a specific…

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